The Chinese government has launched an app to detect COVID-1 or novel coronavirus pneumonia. The app is named 'Close Contact Detector'. However, you have to pay a certain amount for using the app.

It is said that the app is capable of giving a warning signal to a person as soon as they come to the risk of coronavirus.
According to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, the BBC said the app was jointly created by the Chinese government and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. Experts believe that with this new technology, the Chinese government will make it easier for people to monitor closely.
It is reported that the app will signal a user as soon as someone with coronavirus gets closer. In addition, the app will advise those at risk to stay at home and approach the local health care authority. But to use the app, you have to pay by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code.

In this regard, the country's technology lawyer Piper Caroline Big said that in China's current situation, it is truly a service to the people. It will serve as a powerful tool to control the situation.
The app has been shown to be a more efficient area for people who work closely together and live in the same classroom or home. Medical staff, family members or other individuals who provide services to patients from nearby. It operates simultaneously on air, train or other types of transport, including airports and passengers.

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