Career in foreign language education

People are going from one country to another, just in case of need of work.  So the demand of people who know the foreign language is increasing constantly.  If you know a foreign language, there is a potential job waiting for you.Travel agencies or tourism companies, translation agencies, resorts, motels, five-star hotels, aviation and transportation companies have a great demand for people who know foreign languages.

Career as a Translator

There is a great demand for experienced interpreters in foreign missions, embassies in different countries, international organizations, private development agencies and various projects.  In addition to applying for jobs abroad, preference is given to candidates who know the language of that country.If you are proficient in a language, you will have the opportunity to work as a translator at various translation agencies and foreign embassies.  There is a huge demand for translators in domestic and foreign embassies, media, NGOs and translation centers.Career as interpreter

After mastering a foreign language, you can build your career as an interpreter.  The demand for languages ​​like English, French, Hindi, German etc. is most in this regard.When you start working as an interpreter, you have the opportunity to go abroad and get a higher salary.  Former acting director and part-time teacher of Dhaka University’s Japan Studies Center, Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah, said, “If one learns the language of a country, a lot can be said about its economy, politics, society, etc.”  At the same time, it increases its importance in the job market.Career as a tourist guide

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