Concerns have been growing among people about the mysterious Corona virus originating from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China. For the past few days, the new virus has been the focus of people's discussions around the world. Every day, the number of people infected and killed by the Corona virus is increasing. Today in this article we will talk about the Corona virus and its prevention. 

What is the Corona Virus?

The corona virus is a group of infectious viruses that can spread to any animal or human body. There are many types of corona virus, but not all species can be infected in the human body, only six species can be infected in the human body. 
COVID-1 (COVID-19, abbreviated as 'coronavirus disease 21'), is a species of corona virus. Until the epidemic began in Wuhan, China, the virus was unknown to humans. In recent times all the world's media has dominated the headlines for its horror. In whose panic night sleep is forbidden to the whole world. Not all medical scientists around the world have been able to find a way to prevent the virus, and no vaccine has been discovered so far.

Origin of the Corona Virus: 

 According to  medical scientist Dr. Geoghegan, the virus has been transmitted to wild animals. The scientist speculates that the virus may have come from the monkey's body. But experts disagree on this. According to some experts, the virus can come from the body of another animal. So far, no final news has been known about the origin of the  virus . Knowing where the virus originated will be a lot easier to detect. 

Symptoms or symptoms of corona virus 

Like other respiratory illnesses, the main symptoms of the virus are colds, dry coughs, sore throats and fever. Diarrhea can occur many times. It then attacks the lungs. But as a result, pneumonia and death can be caused by organ failure or various body parts.

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